Ally Stevenson is the creator and founder of the original Clean Heels, Heel Stoppers. The first and best quality heel protection product on the market. Invented in 2005 Ally witnessed immediate success with her product. However, shortly after the launch of Clean Heels, Ally sadly began a battle with breast cancer. Undeterred she fought back and overcame this serious health issue and continued to grow her business. In 2015 she was approached by The BBC business series Dragon's Den and went on to secure investment from two dragons, Deborah Meaden and Kelly Hoppen. 

Commenting on the benefits of Clean Heels Deborah said: “They’re a must for outdoors when the ground isn’t great to walk on, they also help women to move around better in heels and they actually extend the life of the shoe itself.” 

Commenting on the investment, Kelly said: “The simplicity and versatility of Clean Heels totally won me over. They’re a discrete, inexpensive item that every woman who wears heels should own." 

Ally commenting on her experience on Dragons' Den: "Amazing experience I didn’t want it to end, we laughed and of course spoke business but Clean Heels totally won them over with its simplicity, an inexpensive item that every woman should own. Having Deborah and Kelly as investors I couldn’t have asked for a better day." 


“We’re really impressed with Ally’s determination and how she has kept her business going through serious health problems,” said both Dragons - Deborah Meaden and Kelly Hoppen.